Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Terms J - N

Jab-step. If you have the ball and are being closely defended, this is a way to force the defender back or to fake them out. Take your non-pivot foot (also called your free foot) and take a short, quick step toward the defender or to one side of the defender.
Juke Move. A quick hesitation move used to freeze a defender when the one using the move is dribbling.
Jump Ball. Process by which a game begins where a referee throws the ball up, equitably, between two jumping players in order to determine possession.
Jump Hook. A lane shot that is a hybrid of a jump shot and a hook shot.
Jump Stop. Coming to a stop on both feet after a jump and final dribble. Usually used to get a bit more distance toward the hoop or to split defenders. A more advanced version of this is called the Step-Hop move.
Jumping-to-the-Ball. All defenders should adjust their positions by making small jumps toward the ball but not conceding the coverage of their man. Also refers to the hop by a receiver of a pass toward the ball as it's being passed.
Key. The area under the basket defined by the foul lines and the baseline. Aka. the Paint.
Kicks. Shoes.
Kicking Out. A quick pass from the paint to the perimeter for an unobstructed shot.
Kiss the Glass. Where a shot, often a bank, slightly touches the backboard before going in.
Lane Violation. You can’t step into the lane or move your feet until the ball hits the rim on a free-throw.
Lay-in. A shot from close to the basket that lightly goes over the rim.
Lay-up. A shot from close to the basket that is banked in and taken off the dribble.
Leading the Receiver. Passing to a fellow player who is on the run so that the pass is in front of them and that they do not lose stride. They should have to run to it. Aka. Lead Pass.
Live Ball. A ball in play.
Lob Pass. A long, floating pass used to get over a defending player to one of your team mates.
Lock Down. Where a team focuses on a defending against a good, attacking player. Example of use: "Put that player in Lock Down". (Thank you Derek Vanat- Rice Basketball)
Look. An opportunity to shoot. Eg. "Getting a look".
Loose Ball Recovery. When a offensive or defensive player dives for a dropped or mishandled ball.
Low Post. General area near the lower blocks near the baseline.
On-the-Line (OTL). A defensive positioning on an imaginary passing line between two offensive players. See Up-the-Line (UTL). See Pointing Your Pistols.
Out-of-Bounds. Area outside of the court's sidelines and endlines (baselines).
Made Basket. A shot that goes in during the course of normal play (not a foul shot). The clock does not stop afterwards and the referee does NOT have to hand you the ball, so don’t wait for him or her. The ref only has to hand you the ball when it goes out of bounds or during free throws- basically on “dead-balls” (the clock is not running).
Match-up. When a team on defense selects players to cover man-to-man.
Mismatch. Noun. When in a man-to-man defense one player is much faster, larger, taller, or a better shooter than the other. Coaches/players will purposefully try to create advantages like these.
Money. Said when a shot either looks like it will or actually goes in. Short for "Money in the bank".
Moon-in-June. Double-pump with a crescent (half moon) shaped finish.
Motion Offense.  A type of continuity offense where, generally described, every player is doing something-always- with or without the ball. It is mostly random and left up to the skills of each player.
Moving Screen (Pick). When a player sets a screen for a team mate and moves her feet or leans into the player being screened. An illegal move.
Mummy Walk. The swaying of the body of a player attacking with the ball and who is being closed out on by a defender. The swaying is used to freeze the defender.
My Bad. Said by a player who is taking the blame for something.
My J was Wet. Where a high, arcing jump-shot keeps going in. The arc was so high that moisture supposedly condensed on the ball…
Nice take! Said to a player who drives to the basket and scores- as a compliment.
No Charge Arc. The area defined by the semi-circle immediately under the basket on NBA and NCAA courts. Defenders are not allowed to take a charge when standing within the semi-circle or they will be penalized with a blocking violation. This is to protect elevated offensive players from being injured.
No-Look Pass. Passing to a player without telegraphing your pass by looking at them.
North-South. The long direction of the court. See East-West.
Nothing But Net. Where a made shot does not touch the rim.
Numbers ! Yelled by a player of a team that is in fast break transition is arriving at the basket they are attacking and out-number the defenders. It is yelled to alert team mates in order to take advantage of the situation.

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